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Shopping Toys & Games online is now one of the easiest way to shop online toys on Bazarr24 Due to its various digital services, Like Bazarr24 offers you perfect and clear image of the product on its product page with zooming facility, and bazarr24 also provides you video of the products (possible products) which gives you extra clarity about the product. A child’s attention span is short. Toys help kids in ways that you never thought were possible. Kids are always exploring and learning by observing their surroundings. Toys help in developing their cognitive and motor skills which are important aspects when it comes to growing up. Having lots of toys at home is never a bad thing. You can fill your house with toys now that you know how they help your child. Buy toys online to help your baby grow mentally. Bazarr24 has a range of toys for, both, boys and girls. Let your kid’s imagination soar high with the toys you buy them. This section offers you Toys Under ₹99

Buy Toys Online

Have you ever realized how much toys can help your kids, and how many skills they can foster in them? No, an overflowing toy box in your house is not a bad thing. By amusing your kids in different ways with puzzles, rattles and ride-ons, you’re playing an important role in developing a range of talents in your kids, giving them a variety of experiences as they try out new ways of playing and becoming more creative, social and smart. Read on to know how helpful role toys for girls & boys can play in the life of your child. Toys for girls include various kinds of toys like Dolls, Role play Toys  Makeup set toy , Doctor set toysKitchen set toys etc.

Let them play and show

Kids love showing how good they are at getting things done better than each other. You may have noticed how young boys challenge each other with things like beyblades and remote-controlled cars. These little challenges go a long way in developing healthy competition which can be very helpful when they grow up. You can find a range of such toys for boys online. Wind spinners and other spinning and launch toys from brands like Infinity, Funskool, Centy Toys, Fisher-Price and Adraxx are what you might want to have a look at. Toys Under ₹99

Fooling around is fun and so important

All kids like to enjoy a few laughs as they pull each other’s legs with jokes and pranks. This is why gag toys are so popular among kids. Throwing creepy toys like snakes and spiders to watch someone laugh is something that kids always enjoy. Yoyos are other kinds of toys that kids love playing with as they watch that little ball bounce up and down. You can have a look at the range of yoyos from Bento, Blossoms and Mnc. Also check our latest collection of fidget spinners that help you relax and concentrate. Quieter girls on the other hand, tend to love things like magic springs and marbles, which will go a long way in increasing their mortar skills. Toys Under ₹99

Send them Outdoors

The best way of getting your kid off the couch and out from the house for some fresh air is by gifting him with a ride-on toy that he is going to love. And there is no end to the range of kids’ scooters and tricycles that you can get for your kid online. Let your child zoom around the lane with his friends to be more energetic during the day. 

Role Play Toys- An Important Key to Social Skills

You may have watched kids play games like police and robber, mum and child, doctor and patient and so on. Yes, kids can be very creative in observing people around them and learning from their actions. This goes a long way in increasing their social skills and making them better communicators. So, if your child loves to role play, you have a range of toy guns, dollhouses, puppets, and cooking sets online that you can buy.

And Finally, Get Them to Think

Puzzles and other board games go a long way in encouraging your child to think. When it comes to children, puzzles can develop a range of skills like spatial recognition, motor skills and even a good sense of color. Not only do board games encourage children to think but they also help in building social skills and a spirit of sportsmanship. 

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