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Playing is what children do. Toys are their tools. When adults shop for tools, quality counts. We want safe ones that work well and enable us to do our best. We look for thoughtfully designed, well-made, built-to-last products that we’ll enjoy using over and over again. All this, and more, holds true for toys specially for educational toys.

Buying right toys for children is also a important job for parents. They should select those toys which not only fun on playing but also gives some learning to these little angels. And will develop young children’s skills and encourage them to learn both at home and in the classroom.

So here Bazarr24 gives you a wide ranges of educational toys for your kids with up to 70% discount. Also we are giving coupons for some extra discounts.

What are educational toys?

Educational toys (sometimes called “instructive toys”) are objects of play, generally designed for children, which are expected to stimulate learning. They are often intended to meet an educational purpose such as helping a child develop a particular skill or teaching a child about a particular subject.

They often simplify, miniaturize, or model activities and objects used by adults.

Why Educational Toys Are Important to a Child’s Development?

Research shows that learning through play is an important part of a child’s development. Though ensuring your child has enough play time is a great benefit to families to allow their children to release some extra energy. Even early in development, a child’s mind is expanding just by looking at their environment and taking in their surroundings.

The use of educational toys can help children learn many different skills they will need in their life. Educational toys can help develop problem solving skills, teach about conflict resolution and how cause and effect work. It also teaches children about sharing, helps develop their fine and gross motor skills and nurtures their creativity and imagination.

What are the best educational toys?

There are thousands of such educational toys to choose from and it can actually be a bit confusing to find the right toys for a child’s mental development. Some of the following toys can even be a good fit for different kids with different areas of interest.

For example some kids might like to learn the alphabet on their own while others express their creativity through the building and putting things together. So here are some great toys listed below by our professionals.

1. Drawing Writing Board Magic Slate(Multi Color) educational toys

Drawing Writing Board Magic Slate educational toys
  • It also has a magnetic stick that can be used
  • A stylus pen with Slate
  • Recommended Age: 3+
  • Size: Medium


  • Promotes proper creativity
  • Doesn’t require kids to follow instructions
  • Made with durable plastics
  • Great for travel


  • Limited level of drawing details

2. Skewb Cube Stickerless Brainstorming Puzzle learning toys

Skewb Cube Sticker-less High Speed Brainstorming Puzzle Game educational toys
Skewb Cube Sticker-less Brainstorming Puzzle Game
  • Attractive colors give a rich look
  • Different Pattern and design
  • Increases mental ability turns smooth
  • Increases Hand-eye coordination
  • Manufacturer suggested age: 3+
  • Product Dimensions: 6x6x6 cm (approx)
  • Number of Puzzle Pieces: 1

3. Magic Snake Cube Twist Puzzle Collection Brain Teaser Toys for learning

Magic Snake Cube Twist Puzzle Collection Brain Teaser educational toys
  • Puzzle Collection Brain Teaser Toy Snake
  • Ideal For: Boys & Girls
  • Minimum Age: 6+ years

4. 3x3x3 Magic Rubiks Cube with 1 Small Cube

3x3x3 Magic Rubiks Cube with 1 Small Cube
3x3x3 Magic Rubiks Cube with 1 Small Cube
  • Sales Package: 1 Piece of 3x3x3 Magic Rubiks Cube with 1 Small Cube
  • Ideal For: Boys & Girls
  • Minimum Age: 3 years

5. Building Blocks Educational Toy set

Building Blocks Educational Set Toy for Kids
Building Blocks Educational Set Toy for Kids
  • Sales Package: 33 pieces
  • Ideal For: Boys & Girls
  • Minimum Age: 3 years
  • Material: Plastic


  • you can make Various Shapes With These Blocks Like: Rail, See-Saw, Square, Windmill, Table, and Chair, Building, etc.
  • Kids can show their creativity in building anything they want to build.
  • Please note that the actual colors of the blocks may be different than they are appearing in images Please also note that product quality will be average.
  • Keep Your Children Busy with this indoor play, let their Imagination grow
  • Available in Attractive Bright Colors Comes in convenient Bag

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