Buy Pen Online – Detailed Guide 2020

How digital we get, the need to write words on paper with pen bleeding emotions out is beyond words. And that’s why need of pen is forever. Different variant of Pens available in the market for example ball point pens, Roller ball pens, Gel Pens, Fountain pens Etc.

Selecting a perfect Pen

Choosing a right instrument is very important; choose a good pen that’s most comfortable. Generally Normal point pens are the best for taking notes. If handwriting tends to be small, probably prefer a fine point. There is different kind of features which should be taken care while buying Best Pens, They Are,

1) Type

There are different kinds of pens available in the market for example ball point pens, Roller ball pens, Gel Pens, Fountain pens, Three Basic types of writing pen are Ballpoint (Ball), Roller ball (Gel) and Fountain (Ink) pen.

Ball pens are the most popular among three writing pens. The ink is oil-based, it dries quickly and is smudge-resistant. Gel pens are mix between fountain pens and ball pens. They have water-based ink so they generally require less pressure to be applied.The Fountain Pen is still the luxury pen. They are smooth and elegant and the easiest to write with, gliding the surface of the paper.For Example: Fountain Pens offer a smooth and luxurious writing experience,. Finding the right fountain pen isn’t so easy, as there is a Different kind of options and choices.

2) Material

The pen material is very important while choosing pen, if it is plastic then it will not long lasting if it is made up of metal then it can be long lasting.Different parts of the pen are made from different type of material but whole pen component is made from Plastic, Metal etc.

3) Ink

Ink is very important while selecting the pen, there are different variations of ink available in the market Blue, red, yellow, white.When it comes to a professional business person, blue and black are the two widely acceptable colors for writing pens, A few people settle on blue since it emerges from the dark content if there should be an occurrence of a mark. Others feel that dark is the most appropriate for their necessities. Ball and Gel pens Have it easy since you can just buy a refill and switch it out with the old one, these refill cost also less,.

4) Quality

Comfort factor has a role to play while selecting a ball right pen, Select a pen that can write smoothly without applying too much pressure, an excess amount of pressure could damage the nib or tip of the pen, making it difficult to write. Fat or Big pens are easier to grip than thinner ones, though thin ones are finer and suited for small spaces. Keep this in mind during your search for a great writing pen.There are many other technicalities such as angles, friction, weight, and nib thickness which we are not going to get into. There are other factors such as profession and frequency with which you use the pen.Some of the other features which should be taken care whiling buy pens are, Style, the feel, Grip, Refilling, Barrel, Cap and Barrel Width, Cartridge etc.

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