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In this article we will be talking about practical ways to make money online and our main focus will be selling your products online and earning money from that so here we will be discussing about best sites to sell online for free
Make Money Online

Earning money has always been associated with traditional ‘offline’ ways found in the real world. With the Internet taking over a large part of our lives, more people are looking to ways to earn money online to increase their financial inflows. Today we will discuss about different methods of earning money online but our main focus will be on earning money online by getting your business online and sell online your products.

There are still confusion that how to earn money online and there a lot of questions when we think to earn online such as how can I earn online or how can I make money online or what should I do to earn online or something like ways to earn from home. So the following are some ways to make money using the internet.

Here are few famous methods to earn money online from home:

  • Freelancing
  • Starting Your own website
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Surveys and searches and reviews
  • Translating
  • Content Writer
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO Optimization
  • Blogging
  • Selling Your products online

As we have already mentioned earlier that we will be focusing on selling products online across different platforms in India.

How can you get your business online? how can you sell online?

There are many platforms available where you can sell your products online as you can sell on Amazon, Flipkart etc. but most of them charges a lot of selling fee including some hidden fee which makes almost 50% of your total profit, Although they have lots of audiences, and one of the main disadvantages is that their payout duration for your selling amount. So today we will discuss about a platform that is one of the most cheapest to sell online, there is no hidden fee and fixed service charges are there which will be final charges which will be deducted automatically.

There are many best sites to sell your stuff so when you think of what is the best site to sell stuff online you can find many sites to sell your stuff online but the next question is where can I sell my stuff online for free? So let’s see which website is best to sell online for free.

Get your business online with Bazarr24!

Yes you read it correctly, Its Bazarr24 , Bazarr24 offers you a platform where you can sell your products online with lowest selling fee ever and many more other features, let discuss them one by one

1. Selling online on Bazarr24 is free of cost!

Yes, selling on bazarr24 is totally free there are no security fees or server charges required. All you have to do is just register your self as a seller on bazarr24 and start selling your products directly to the millions of customers across India.

2. Your Own Dedicated Store Page and your own free Website

Ya its true you get your own website for free. Bazarr24 offers you your own dedicated shop page like your own shop website and not only this Bazarr24 offer you your own store name URL, so that you can become a famous brand by advertising your own shop as online by sharing your link to your friends and loved ones.

Bazarr24 offers you best site to sell your stuff online with free of cost

Here is the example of store page and URL

Sample Shop: You can visit Panda Fashion to see one of our shop layout, their own site URL and own shop page

3. Lowest Selling fee

Bazarr24 charges nothing but just service charges which very low as just 10% selling fee and no hidden charges are there, all you have to pay for service is just service charge which is just flat 10%, as there are many websites which charges up to 60% commission as selling charges with hidden charges and many other charges Bazarr24 comes up with just one single fee which is a service fee and nothing else. So selling online on bazarr24 has a great positive point to ensure maximum profit for sellers.

To know more about selling fee on Bazarr24 Click Here

4. Customer Support and guidance

bazarr24 customer support
Bazarr24 offers you every possible help to grow your business online and sell online

Selling online your products and earn money through internet via Bazarr24 has one of the most advantage pint as customer support for its seller. Bazarr24 provides best customer support for their sellers to improve their business online and to ensure a better selling experience we answer to each and every query of our seller as Bazarr24 is providing you direct contact option and your query will be resolved within 4 hours as you can contact to Bazarr24 via different ways such as:

  • WhatsApp
  • Email
  • Social Media
  • Direct Chat from your seller’s dashboard

You can find all the options of contacting Bazarr24 in Contact us Part.

5. Payout duration

Other Platforms clear your payment approximately in 20-30 days, but Bazarr24 resolve your payment just after confirmation of the order. When you receive a new order the whole amount transport to your temporary account that s your bazarr24 dashboard account and after completion of the order you can request to transfer it into your bank account and there are no extra charges for transferring your amount to your bank account.

To Know More About Selling On Bazarr24 CLICK HERE

I hope this blog may help you to start selling your stuff online or getting your business online and earn money online ! Give us a thumbs up if you like this and share it with your friends so that they can also be benefited and earn money from home.


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