Weird Amazing Facts to blow your minds!

Flamingos bend their legs at the ankle, not the knee

Weird Amazing Facts flamingos

They essentially stand on tip-toe. Their knees are closer to the body and are covered by feathers.Also see our list of weird facts about sex

It’s impossible to hum while holding your nose

facts about hum

You just tested it, didn’t you? Normally, when you hum, the air is able to escape through your nose to create the sound, and of course, it can’t do that when you’re holding it shut. This is one of the weird facts you can test out for yourself. Go ahead, try it.

Adolf Hitler was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize

facts about adolf hitler

Don’t worry, the Swedish politician who sent the letter of nomination in 1939 meant it ironically and withdrew his nomination. In an even more ironic twist, Hitler had banned Germans from accepting the awards four years before his own name was thrown in the ring.

Blue whale tongues can weigh as much as an elephant

Their hearts, meanwhile, can weigh almost a ton and needs to beat just once every ten seconds.Also see top 10 books to read

The world’s largest waterfall is underwater

Yes, there are waterfalls under the ocean. At the Denmark Strait, the cold water from the Nordic Sea is denser than the Irminger Sea’s warm water, making it drop almost two miles down at 123 million cubic feet per second.

Shadows are darker on the Moon

moon facts
The world’s smallest wasp is smaller than an amoeba

On Earth, the atmosphere scatters more sunlight, so our shadows aren’t too dark. But on the Moon, shadows are so dark that Neil Armstrong said he had trouble seeing where he was going.

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Some sea cucumbers fight with their guts (literally)

sea cucumbers facts

When threatened, they’ll shoot out their internal organs, which are poisonous to predators. They’ll sometimes get rid of their entire digestive systems—but the organs grow back.

The world’s smallest wasp is smaller than an amoeba

The Megaphragma mymaripenne wasp has the same body parts as any other bug (brain, wings, eyes, and more) but is a fifth of a millimeter long, making it smaller than most amoebas, which are made of just one cell. Weird huh??

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