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As we know Bazarr24 is a multi-vendor eCommerce platform that helps vendors/small businesses to grow in the market and we provide you a free platform to sell your product to millions of customers across India and earn from home and grow your business. Bazarr24 offers you many more things that help you in building your own brand and grow your business in the online market, as now everyone is moving towards the online market so we need to grow our business with the trend. Now if you are wondering why to sell on bazarr24 then click here.

So in today’s blog we are going to discuss shortly how to Register on bazarr24 to sell online.

Before we begin, let me very clear that selling on bazarr24 is totally free there is no registration fees


So to register with Bazarr24 as our Selling Partner you need basic documents which are listed below:

  • A valid email id
  • A Unique product
  • GSTIN number (if you want to sell books, you don’t need a gstin number, in that case, PAN number is required)
  • Scan Copy of the cancelled cheque
  • scanned sample signature

And that’s it, These are the basic required documents for becoming our selling partner. So now let’s start with Steps of Registration.

Step 1 Registration

So to begin with registration firstly visit the Registration page of Bazarr24, Here you will find many options to provide your details for selling, fill all the data correctly and upload the required correct documents and that’s it, then click on register button after filling all the details correctly. Once you submit the registration form You will be notified via e-mail but you will not be able to access your Dashboard. Our seller’s team will firstly review your profile and cross-check the documents provided by you and after that, if everything goes well you will be verified and access to your dashboard, after verification you will be notified either by email or by any method of contacting you by details of contact that was given by you during registration. This process can take a maximum of up to 2 Hours.

Registration page look like this, fill your details correctly

Uploading Documents: Instructions

When uploading documents there are few points which should be considered so that your registration request does not face any issues:

  • Documents pictures should be clear and it should not be blurred.
  • Picture size should not be greater than 3mb while uploading, if is it you can compress it via different online image compressing tools or the simplest way is to send that picture on WhatsApp and download it again and then upload as WhatsApp automatically compresses the picture size.
  • The signature sample should be original as it will be used on your billing to customers and during the settlement of your benefit.
  • GSTIN number and email id should not be wrong.

so it was all about How to Register On Bazarr24 to sell Online,You are ready to Upload your first product

—-Happy Selling—-

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