Highlighter Pen Detailed Guide October 2020

Don’t you find it easier to study or prepare documents if you highlight essential sentences or words? I don’t go anywhere without a highlighter pen stashed in my bag. Those products are useful writing material that you can rely on whenever you need to make your notes more appealing.

If you are on the lookout for the best highlighter pen, you came to the right place. Let me help you find the best highlighter marker that you can use quickly. Best of all, you will know how to pick ones that won’t give problems such as leaking and bleeding.Keep reading to find out how to choose a highlighter.

What is a Highlighter Pen?

A highlighter pen is often used to highlight text. You might need it to mark textbooks, underline words or do bullet journaling. This type of pen usually has a fluorescent color and has a chisel tip.

How Does It Work?

Highlighter pens can be used the same way as pens. You open the cap or push a button if it’s a retractable type of highlighter pen and then glide it over the text you want to highlight. Usually, the ink dries up quickly but if it has a runny consistency, leave it to dry for a few more seconds to prevent smearing.

Who is This For?

It can be for students who are studying for exams since adding more color and visual points help in improving memory functions. It puts emphasis to words and can improve a person’s recall.

This can also be used by professionals when taking down notes or people who like to highlight words in books. You can also use it when doing bible studies.

What are the Different Types of Highlighter Pens?

Ink Type

These types of highlighter pens have the same ink consistency as that of regular markers. The liquid is runnier so the ink glides smoothly on paper and dries up easily. These have a good level of vividness.

Gel Type

These types of pens have an ink consistency that is thicker, similar to that of gel pens. They also tend to be more vibrant and generally have a strong staying power.

Wax Type

These are similar to crayons but have an effect that is in between ink and gel types of highlighter pens. They dry up easily and do not bleed through. They can also be sharpened once the edges have dulled out.

What to Look for When Buying Highlighter Pens

Finding the right highlighter pens can be tedious because of so many choices out there. Don’t let that deter you. Here are some factors to consider that will help you choose the right highlighter pen for your needs:

Ink Type

There are different kinds of highlighter pens out there. The most common one is the usual ink form similar to other markers. These are usually more vivid and have a long-lasting ink quality. However, these are also the ones that can bleed through paper easily. There are those no-bleed options out there, so be sure to choose the ones with this feature.

Another option is the gel kind of highlighter. It has a thicker consistency, so you might find it more difficult to spread out. However, the colors of these highlighters are generally prettier and have a good staying power. They also dry up easily so you don’t have to worry about smearing.

Also, wax highlighter pens can be a game-changer for your tasks. These are different because they don’t have “ink” inside. Instead, they have a wax stick similar to that of crayon, but with more fluorescent color as the regular highlighters.

These pens can be sharpened, so you can maximize every bit of it.Choose the type of ink that suits your writing and highlighting needs the most.

Color Choices

Some come with just 4 colors, others as extensive as 20 colors. It depends on your needs. For regular highlighting, 4-6 colors should suffice. If you like to do bullet journaling, you might enjoy having more color options. Just make sure you know what you are getting. Some highlighter collections come with a lot of pens but may only have 4-6 shades so there are multiples of each color in one set. If you don’t need that many pens, you are better off with just a few options as they are cheaper.


If it is too solid, it will be hard to see through it. You might have a hard time reading the text already. On the other hand, you don’t want it to be too light that you have a hard time determining where you highlighted it. There should be a fine balance in between.

Tip Style

Most highlighters come with a chisel tip. You need more coverage when highlighting text, so such a design is the most efficient one. However, you can also find a double ended highlighter where one end is a chisel tip while the other end is a bullet tip. This is a more versatile kind of highlighter that is not just perfect for lettering but also great for underlining.


The flat and thick highlighter pens out there might be more difficult to hold. If you want to do calligraphy, you should go with the pen-style markers because they are easier to use. The flat ones are better for shading.

Ink Quality

People often look for pens that have a good ink quality and consistency. Avoid those that have a tendency to clump up or to dispel big amounts of ink in one go.

Durability of the Nibs

The nibs should be made from a material that glides easily on paper. You don’t want the nibs to snag and eventually fray.

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