How to start stationery business Step by Step Guide

Stationery business is one of the simplest types of business to start your business and you can grow it later with time. Now here is the complete guide to start and grow your stationery business in online market as well as offline market. Selling your products online is not that easy as it seems to be. It takes lots of time to upload your product as well as to edit its description and all the details about the product. So today you will learn to sort all your problems within minutes and start growing your stationery business easily.

Sell Stationery Online

Starting a stationery business requires a very small investment, there are two ways in which you can start, (a) Offline Stationery Store (b) Online Stationery Store

Starting Offline Stationery Store

For starting an offline stationery store you need some basic amenities which are listed below

  • Physical Store: For offline Stationery Business you need a physical store where your customers can visit and select their desired products and then they will purchase.
  • Variety of Products: If you are going for an offline stationery business you will be required to have variety of products at your stationery shop
  • Time: You need to be present all the time at your stationery shop

So, as you can see Offline selling of stationery is quiet bit tough but still easy as compare to other businesses as it requires less investment but still it is hectic. So, what to do next? How to Start Stationery Business without this much tension, Answer to this question is online stationery business.

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Start Online Stationery Business

Selling your stationery products is one the easiest and best Idea of starting and growing your stationery business with Minimal investment and even with just any 1 product.

Here are some key requirements for selling online

  • GST: Your first requirement to sell stationery is your GSTIN number as per rule of govt. of India
  • Email Id: You will be required an email id
  • Product: At least 1 product is required to start selling online

A quick Comparison between online stationery business VS Offline stationery Business

ComparisonBasic Features
Online Stationery Business
Offline Stationery Business
FeaturesOnline Stationery SellingOffline Stationery Selling
InvestmentVery Less which is equal to noSome amount required
Physical ShopNot neededAlways need
Stock MaintenanceVery EasyDifficult
Extra EffortYesYes
Product VarietyAs per your choiceYes, Must
ProfitDepends on your saleDepends on your sale
Chances of LossDepends on your effort, But very less chanceDepends on your effort, But more chance than online stationery business

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