Top 10 Bizarre Foods to Eat in China

The locals in many countries consume foods that we find to be bizarre, but China has one of the largest varieties of food in the world. Walk down any street market in China and you’ll find delicious delicacies, tourist treats, and even the downright disgusting. Some of these dishes are known for their tastes, some for being unique, and others for their medicinal purposes and can be made from animals, plants, insects, and just about anything else. The saying must be true, “The Chinese eat everything with four legs, except tables and chairs, and everything that flies, except airplanes.” |Top 10 Bizarre Foods to Eat in China

10 : Balut


The Chinese, along with other countries, eat eggs in a very different way known as balut. Balut is a partially developed chicken or duck egg that has been incubated between 14 and 21 days before being boiled and eaten.

Balut is a popular street food that can be found at many roadside markets. It may sound sickening to eat a partially developed duck, but this dish is considered a delicacy in many places such as China.

9 : Silkworms

slikworm or insect eat in china

Various insects are considered a delicacy in many cultures. In China, silkworms are one of those insects, and they are enjoyed by the locals. Silkworm pupae remaining after their fibrous cocoons have been harvested are used in several different ways for consumption. The flavor is like shrimp or crab and has a chewy consistency.

Silkworms can be found in local markets cooked several ways or stocked frozen and canned. Chinese-style silkworms are added to stir-fry with your favorite vegetables, soy sauce, and seasonings. Its normally served up with rice or noodles, or the pupae can be deep fried and served with your choice of dipping sauce.

8 : Sheep penis

sheep penis

If you are looking to boost libido, the Chinese have a Bizarre food that may help. Sheep penis along with other animal penises and testicles are served as a remedy for the problem. A restaurant in China, Guolizhuang, is dedicated to serving all types of dishes with animal genitalia such as sheep gonads on a bed of curry and steamed sheep penis.

The locals enjoy the flavor of the dish, but they also believe it is good for one’s health. Many of the customers at the restaurant are males looking to increase potency and sexual prowess. The Chinese believe that they can replenish parts of their bodies by eating dishes with those same body parts, which is why testicles and penises are consumed to improve sexual health.

7 : Pi Dan

pi dan

Pi Dan, also known as century egg, is a traditional Chinese food that boasts a unique color and fragrance. It is usually a duck or chicken egg that is preserved in a mixture of clay, ash, salt, and alkaline material. The egg yolk may appear yellow, dark green, or brown depending on the processing time, but the center is normally soft in all colors. Refreshing, smooth, delicious, and salty are words that normally describe the unique food.

During the process of making these eggs, a chemical reaction turns the egg white to transparent, and a snow-flake pattern may be visible on the outside. Pi Dan can be preserved up to five months if the eggshell remains unbroken. They can be served in cold dishes such as a salad or can be paired with soy sauce and green chilis for a spicy lunch. 

6 : Bird Spit Soup

Bird spit soup

One of the more controversial bizarre foods the Chinese eat is bird’s nest soup. This famous soup is made from a swiftlet’s actual nest. This small bird is found in Southeast Asia and lives in dark caves like a bat. Their nests are made from their own gummy saliva produced by the glands under their tongue. The nest of saliva hardens as it is exposed to the air.

The common way to cook bird’s nest soup is slowly steaming it after soaking it in water. The texture of the nest is soft like jelly, but it doesn’t have much taste. The taste is not what keeps locals coming back each day for this soup, but it is the benefits that attract the Chinese. If the soup is consumed regularly, it is believed to help maintain youth and promote a healthy life and strong body .|Top 10 Bizarre Foods to Eat in China

5 : Scorpions


Those looking for something crazy to snack on while walking the streets of China may find scorpions to be a tasty treat. These small scorpions are fried and served on a skewer stick. They can be found on the streets of popular cities to lure tourists into trying something local and bizarre. Since the scorpions are thin, they turn out crispy with a nice seasoning. It is believed that eating scorpions can cure certain medical conditions and can make the blood hotter in cold conditions

4 : Stinky Tofu

stinky tofu

One of the most popular snacks in China is stinky tofu. The smell of the popular street food can be spotted from a block away, maybe even further. The traditional dish is tofu fermented in a mixture of milk and a vegetable, meat and fish-based brine, or a combination of these ingredients.

It is usually deep-fried in vegetable oil and served with chili and soy sauce and served in small squares skewered together and served on a plate. It can also be found steamed, stewed, or served in a soup. Biting into stinky tofu feels like biting into a piece of soft cheese and tastes best when served with sauce or toppings. Want to know where to find it? Simply follow your nose.

3 : Chicken Testicles

chicken testicles

KFC offers several types of chicken on the menu, but you’ll have to search other places in China to find chicken testicles. These juicy delicacies are said to enhance male prowess and improve a woman’s skin tone. They are available in both pink and black, and their size ranges anywhere from one to two inches long.

Their casings contain flesh making them like little sausages. They are lightly cooked to keep them tender, and juice will ooze into your mouth as you take the first bite. After boiling or frying the chicken testicles, they will offer a mild flavor and are best served with rice, noodles, or even both.|Top 10 Bizarre Foods to Eat in China

2 : Fried Seahorse

fried seahorse

seahorse is one of the cutest small marine fish found in the sea, but it is also found on China streets as a snack. Seahorse has a squid-like consistency and is very salty. They are mostly found in soups or on kabobs and found at several street markets. You must be careful when consuming seahorse though, because they have sharp pieces that can get caught in your gums or teeth.

The Chinese also believe there are great benefits to eating seahorse. One Chinese proverb says that eating seahorse can keep an 80-year-old grandad young. Many locals use it as an ancient Chinese medication for energy and to boost sexual performance. They can be mixed with herbs and boiled as tea to treat asthma and male sexual dysfunction. Unfortunately, it appears that seahorse numbers are declining due to the high demand.

1 : Turtle Shell Jelly

turtle shell jelly

Turtle Jelly or tortoise jelly, also known as guilinggao, is a Chinese jelly-like dessert. It is traditionally made from various types of turtle’s bottom shell and several herbal products. Most turtle jelly comes from commonly available turtle species to keep the price down, but some extremely expensive options are available and are made using ingredients from the golden coin turtle. Some turtle jelly on the market doesn’t even include any ingredients from a turtle anymore.|Top 10 Bizarre Foods to Eat in China

This delicacy is also used for its medicinal purposes in China. It is said to be able to improve circulation, assist muscle growth, and restore kidney functions. Many believe that regular consumption of turtle jelly can improve skin by giving it a healthier complexion. It usually dark brown or black in color and slightly bitter, but many sweeteners can be added to improve taste.

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