India has tremendous capacity to combat COVID-19: WHO Executive Director

WHO Executive Director Dr. Michael J Ryan spoke on combating the COVID-19 pandemic. He said, “India like China is a hugely populous country. The future of this pandemic, to a greater extent, will be determined by what happens in very large, densely populated countries. So it’s really important that India continues to take aggressive action at the public health level to contain, control, suppress this disease.” Ryan also added, “India has a tremendous capacity to combat COVID-19.”

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Coronavirus cases are increasing day by day in India and hence PM Modi announced complete lockdown in whole the country.

As right now i am writing this blog (25/3/2020 11:10am) there are total 562 positive confirmed cases of coronavirus and 10 deaths

Three arrested for opening shops near Cochin International Airport Kerala: Three persons were arrested yesterday for opening their shops near Cochin International Airport as it is a violation of the state order to not open shops after 5 pm

Total number of positive cases in Maharashtra rise to 112 (10;47 am)

AAP MP Sanjay Singh donates Rs 1 Crore to CM relief Fund Rajysabha MP @SanjayAzadSln has donated Rs 1 Crore to CM relief Fund from his MPLADS to help Delhi Govt combat…— AAP (@AamAadmiParty) 1585112435000

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